2019 Education Opportunities for Risk and Compliance Professionals

A Special Message for Risk and Compliance Professionals

Dear Colleague,

We all face challenges in quality and safety that directly impact our work as risk and compliance managers. Among the most common are:

  • How we prevent medication errors
  • How we comply with regulatory requirements
  • How to support quality reporting and accreditation
  • How we break down communication barriers
  • How we promote a culture of safety
  • How we optimize safety huddles
  • How we foster transparency
  • How we disclose medical errors to patients
  • How we standardize care across multidisciplinary teams
  • How we avoid clinical decision support malfunctions in our electronic medical record
  • How to contain litigation and citation costs

The 2019 Healthcare Quality and Safety conference offers state-of-the-art approaches to these challenges.

We invite you to join us for this exciting and timely program and look forward to meeting you.


Karen Fiumara, PharmD, BCPS, CPPS
Course Faculty
Executive Director of Patient Safety,
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Adjunct Professor,
MCPHS University


Kate Ulbricht, PharmD, MBA, CPPS
Course Faculty
Director of Clinical and Academic Programs, Patient Safety,
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Sr. Attending Clinical Pharmacist,
Massachusetts General Hospital